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Since Cypress Creek merges with Little Cypress Creek and Channel K163, this area becomes crucial during extreme rain events which have become more frequent. Exposed pipes, a scoured out area over 100 ft. long, a tree down, horrible erosion, and an old rusted container with an unidentified chemical smell can all been seen in or around the channel. Harris County has Channel K163 listed on the 2018 Capitol Improvements, but we need the restoration complete before hurricane season. The county has recognized this channel as a problem since the early 90s, and we are encouraged it is listed on Harris County 2018 improvements. But we would like to know that it will be complete before hurricane season. 

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 This container has a horrible chemical smell, and if any liquid was inside, then it probably leaked into the water during Harvey. 

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 Another rusted container 

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 Exposed pipe and worsening erosion. 

 ​The Cypress Creek watershed NEEDS flood prevention projects.  The water does not flow as it should during rain events.  We have pictures which show where huge drains and fences were located before they washed away. The pictures prove the water flow is contrary to what engineers planned.  

Channel K163


Why is this channel important?

​1) When there is a logjam upstream or downstream, it affects many areas. (So subdivisions west on Cypress Creek, north on Little Cypress Creek, areas etc. are also affected.)

2) The area is by Cypress Park, and you can see how two MAJOR bodies of water merge. The force of those creeks inundates the channel, and the water flows south (down Eldridge)

3) New construction is happening along Cypress-North-Houston, and they are adding dirt to those areas.

4) The exposed pipes may carry your fresh water, sewage, etc.. Other exposed pipes from before Harvey are now inaccessible, but now are probably more exposed though we could not see them sue to brush.

5) The silt gets deposited in the creek where it clogs the water flow, and decreases the creeks' capacity to hold water. The government spend $20 million to dredge the Houston Ship Channel BEFORE Harvey from the prior storm. Now it must be done again as the silt prevents ships from traveling in the port. (Silt buried trees, etc. in Houston parks, and can still be seen all over town) Cutting trees down INCREASES erosion. Other pictures (not shown here) show terrible erosion where the tree roots are keeping the dirt from washing away on one side of the channel.